Our philosophy is to exchange with one another ideas, intentions, parameters of what to expect and then promote our self and our abilities through visual means.  Due to a lack of constancy or familiarity with memorial needs and terms, I find that visual aids become almost a universal language amongst most families.    Our philosophy is to understand a family’s ideas and intentions.  Produce preliminary sketches which promote our ability to understand or sense their vision of how the finished memorial will appear.

    Enter Artist of client….design change…..

  • My client (interior designer) discusses her dilemma with an associate artist.  Artist develops a new conceptual rough pencil draft which both my client and I are thrilled about ….for different reasons. 
  • I’m thrilled at the conceptual simplicity of design and freedom of not having to deal with the traditional memorial design guidelines. Also thrilled about the fabrication of such a piece of work.
  • Client thrilled at the possibility of something she loves being able to become a reality

    Enter manufacturer& sculptor…

  • this stage prompts total review by all parties, fine tuning of design elements by me & client relative to my comprehensive knowledge of design,  fabrication and finished product appeal.
  • Full size drawings created by sculptor for customer approval…..with review and revisions expected…03/08/2011
  • Final approval of all drawings, block of granite in waiting…. ready to go to sculptor…..02/25/2012
  • Having provided photos of progress, client wishes to visit sculptor and become a part of the process….10/2012
  • Sculptor advises completion is at hand, manufacturer forwards additional photos for client approval…..02/25/2013
  • Client questions photos, details of design to which I suggest strongly for them to make one last visit….the sculptor will meet w/them and touch up areas of concern….which was accomplished….03/25/2013
  • Project was completed, shipped and installed in the cemetery…..04/2013
For three and a half years, I shared together with this family great anticipation, much frustration, patience, a wonderful sense of collaboration amongst creative people and incredible satisfaction. 
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